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Education Website

Pafbig Technologies excels in crafting bespoke education websites that captivate and educate. Education has many subsets such as school website, online education service platform, educational contents websites etc.

If you want to take your school online, you will need a simple official school website. If you want to offer any educational services online, you will need education webapp. Much more, if you want to deploy technology in the management and operation of an educational institution, for instance an automated result computer, a CBT for your school, admission processor, students, teacher management, courses/subjects management etc., we can plan and execute it stage by stage according to your pace!

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eCommerce Website

Pafbig Technologies specializes in planning, building and designing dynamic and user-friendly eCommerce websites. 

eCommerce website is simply a digital store, warehouse, or supermarket facilitating online buying and selling transactions.  

This is best fit for you if you want to sell ANYTHING on the website. Two types of products can be sold and bought: digital products such as music, tickets, books etc. and goods like bedding, clothes, rice etc. 

Services can also be rendered such as online teaching, bookings etc. eCommerce website is one of the most expensive web solutions out there due to the complexities involved such as managing orders, deliveries, payments, returns, feedbacks and security, but with us, you don't have to break the bank! If you want eCommerce website, let's start! 

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Blog, Advertising Website

Digital advertising is a thriving industry worth a staggering $563.3 billion and has transformed the lives of countless successful bloggers, propelling them into a realm of affluence and luxury. In this digital age, blogging emerges as one of the most accessible pathways to achieving substantial success.

Remarkably, blogging and establishing an advertising website represent a remarkably cost-effective web solution, promising substantial returns on investment. The allure of this platform lies in its capacity to offer substantial rewards without requiring exorbitant financial commitments.

If you aspire to harness the boundless potential of blogging and create a robust advertising platform for yourself or your business, don't hesitate. Click the "Let's Start" button and embark on a journey toward unparalleled success. Join the ranks of those who have capitalized on this dynamic industry's vast opportunities.

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Official Website

This can range from a simple one-page static website describing your organization to a complex, dynamic webapp showcasing the interconnectivities within an organization. Official websites serves many purposes but some of the quickest ones include authenticity, brand consolidation, and/or information dissemination. 

Depending on the organization's plan and purposes, official websites can be very cheap or very expensive. We are expert in planning and building web solutions including official websites!

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Personal Website

A personal website serves the purposes of information dissemination, announcement, advertising, CV, progress updates, personal profiles update etc. Public figures, leaders often own one to engage with their audience easily.

Personal websites also manages authenticity and help fight impersonation and fraud. Anyone can own a personal website and for any purpose. Lets develop for you, we are ready!

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Financial Technology

We have developed financial technology solutions for clients before and are ready to do it again for more clients including you if you are ready! FinTech for short is a complex financial management website that can be deployed to manage personal finances, business finances etc.

Banking solutions, fund raisers, trading platforms etc. all belong to finTech solutions. Depending on the intended use, a FinTech web solution can be relatively to outrageously expensive such as banking solutions etc. due to multilayered security technologies required and strict personalizations it demands. However, we are affordable and we patiently work within your budget!

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Music, Video Website

Personal music, video viewing website or for business is our experties. Do you want the video to be freely accessed publicly? or you want controlled access based on some parameters like paying, subscribing, free and premium access and more?

This kind of website can be relatively cheap or expensive to develop depending it scope of deployment. However the scope, we can deliver without breaking your bank. Get in touch!

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Medical Care Website

MedTech for short is a complex web solution that makes for smooth, automated medical caregiving routine. Developing this can be expensive due to complex features required to be implemented as well as legal and compliance requirements needed to guarantee authentic public healthcare practices.

Only authorized providers can request for a medical care website development! Lets get started if you are sure you have all the approvals needed to run a Medical Care online platform.

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Social Networking Website

A website like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin? We can plan, build and design it to you taste! Although it can be expensive, we guarantee you wouldn't break the bank! You will have enough remaining for promotion, trust us!

There are many fast rising social networking platforms that are ready to overtake the top dominant 5 should they slack a bit! For example, provides a better post creation and formating functionalities than even the top 3 social platform and also categorise posts into topical issues so users can easily choose what to write about and topics to follow! Substack is another one that provide a cooler social platform suitable for readers. Want to add to the list? We are ready for your order!

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All Web Solutions!

As long as it is web based solution, we are up to the task! We can develop a special website, webapp, platform etc. for you that suits your description and needs! Betting web platform, lottery, gaming, transport and logistics, politics, management, NGO, survey name it!

Whatever business you want to offer online, we can plan, build and design the platform for you. We are waiting for your order! We are ready for your order!

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Alban Onyenywe

"I am extremely pleased with Pafbig Technologies' exceptional work on my fintech web app. Their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail exceeded my expectations."
- Alban

Willie U. Willie Ph.D

"Pafbig Technologies has truly transformed our department's online presence with an outstanding education website at As a university professor, I'm highly impressed with their dedication to delivering a top-notch platform that enhances our academic resources and engagement. Driven by expertise and innovation, Pafbig Technologies exceeded our expectations."
- Dr. Willie Willie U.